NEXT POST – 50 Year Kiwanian

Lt. Governor Charlie Phibbs, Past Governor George Brown, 50 year Kiwanian Brian Kidston, Immediate Past Governor Larry Memmer
On February 17, 2020 we celebrated Valentine's day with our spouses away from our usual meeting 
location. Kiwanians shared stories about the first time meeting their spouse and a song 
that has a special meaning to them.

We also took the opportunity to recognize our member Brian Kidston for his 50 year 
service to the community as a Kiwanian. He began his Kiwanis service in Plymouth, 
Michigan in 1969. Kiwanis bestows the Legion of Honor to members achieving milestones 
like Brian's. For the last few years, Chelsea has been his home. We congratulate him for 
his dedication. 

Next Monday we will hear from Darlene Regis, Vice President of the Chelsea Athletic 
Boosters. She will update us on their activities.  We have supported the Boosters for 
many years in their efforts to enhance student's athletic experiences. They have used our 
food concession trailer at home football games as a fundraiser.  

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