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Tegan Johnson and Dixie Flavin receive our donation from President John Knox.
On January 6, 2020 we heard from Tegan Johnson and Dixie Flavin from Dawn Farm. Dawn Farm is one 
of two treatment programs in Washtenaw county for those suffering from addiction to 
substances like alcohol and drugs. It is an actual farm on 65 acres with animals and 
therapists on site.

Dawn Farm offers a comprehensive program designed for each person. It may include a 
detoxification stay at a separate location, a stay on the farm for 90 days, and help to 
get back into society. The follow up to staying at the farm can include help with a job 
and transitional housing for up to 2 years to offer continued structure. 

Dawn Farm especially works to remove barriers between addicts and the community. Staff 
work to build community partnerships to offer jobs to those in treatment. Restaurants in 
town, for example, can allow someone to get back on their feet after being out of the 
labor force for a time by offering employment. 

Many past clients volunteer to come back to work with addicts to support their recovery. 
They can relate and counsel especially to new clients.

Dawn Farm receives funding from the state, from the courts, and from donations. Usually 
the only reason someone is unable to use Dawn Farm's services is because of a medical 
issue, as it is not a hospital.

About half the clients suffer from alcohol addiction,  about a third from opiate 
addiction,  and the rest from a combination of drugs.

We presented our annual donation to this worthy organization. 

Next Monday we will hear from Lon Cooke and Stewart Elliot from the Right Home Company. 
Beginning in 2017, the company designs Classic Arts & Crafts, Prairie-style, and 
 Bungalow house plans. The ready to assemble house kits are right sized and energy 

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