Newsletter 4/26/20

Since 1924 SERVING THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD Meetings on Mondays @ 6:15 pm St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Main Dining Room Facebook: Club Website: Kiwanis International: April 27, 2020 – No Meetings until further notice due to COVID-19 We held our 3rd Zoom meeting last week. I look forward to those who can join in again this Monday night at 7pm. I will email the link and password. Zoom meeting from last week… thanks to all who participated COVID-19 Links CDC:; Washtenaw County Health Department: Headspace – a free app for Mindfulness & Meditation Covid-19 Update: Interview with U of M Chief Health Officer & Professor of Medicine Dr. Preeti Malani. Recent club updates… 1. Nancy has agreed to be the Lieutenant Governor for Division 6 2020-2021, congrats Nancy! 2. This past week we have offered support for our health care workers at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea. The hospital will run a Stress Free Zone for at least the next four weeks. The Zone will feature aromatherapy, snacks, and other stress relieving items. Gift cards for front line workers will also be purchased. 3. The club has approved purchasing a subscription for Learning Ally, a program students can use via the internet to improve reading skills. South Meadows Elementary will determine eligibility for their students to participate. This should help the children now, when in person learning is temporarily halted. 4. Our club is continuing to support CHS with our annual scholarship funds “The very greatest things – great thoughts, discoveries, inventions – have usually been nurtured in hardship, often pondered over in sorrow, and at length established with difficulty.” – Samuel Smiles Many thanks to Lisa Allmendinger for her April 4th article “Hip, hip hooray for frozen Chelsea Kiwanis Club hotdogs”; https://chelseaupdate

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