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Past President Marianne Knox presents our annual donation to Sheri Montoye.
Sheri Montoye, the new director of Faith in Action joined us on January 27, 2020 to update the 
club on the latest developments at the organization. 

Faith in Action helped about 300 families last year with food, clothing, durable medical 
equipment, and assistance with paying utility bills. 

Social workers work with individuals to find solutions and meet their needs. Often, 
people are ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help, especially men. Faith in Action is 
skilled in engaging reluctant folks to discover ways their particular situation can be 

27 people used the shower and washing machine last year that were donated by the 

Scholarships were provided to 75 kids for a week at the summer camp of their choice.

Shari discussed the successful relationship Faith in Action has had with Avalon Housing. 
17 affordable apartments have been leased in Chelsea and progress continues in Dexter for 
housing there. 

She and Avalon are working to answer questions from residents of Dexter concerned about 
the location next to school buildings. It was noted that affordable housing existed near 
the school buildings for many years in the past with no issues. In addition, tenants of 
the future housing are vetted and required to adhere to strict rules and regulations.

Faith in Action is well used in the community,  often seeing 100 people per day. It is a 
nimble resource for those in need, responding quickly to help with power shutoffs, or a 
food crisis.

We continue to support Faith in Action as we have since its founding in 1980 by Rev. 
Jerry Beaumont. Jerry was also a member of our club.

Next Monday we will hear from Jessica Federico from the Chelsea Parent Teacher 
Organization. We commend their efforts to advance student's education, filling the gaps 
left from reduced state funding.

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